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Another A5 flyer poster mockup, Free exhibition booth mockup A perfect template for any natural or eco type designs. Another business card mockup prepared as easy as PSD file can be. This fantastic PSD template with the flying brochure can present your work and designs in outstanding way.
New free picture mockup is huge – literally. Eleven high resolution PSD files with some cool close-ups of rolled posters. Some with paper tube, some without. Enjoy! It is prepared in five different variations and with three concrete backgrounds. You make your own combination or paste inside your project mockup

All mockup design files

Isometric View Box Packaging Mockup
File Size 28 mb
Downloads 11
Plastic Food Container Mockup Set
File Size 23
Downloads 16
Packaging Tape Mockup
File Size 32 mb
Downloads 6
Free A5 trifold flyer mockup
File Size 247 mb
Downloads 4
Free wrinkled poster mockup
File Size 93 mb
Downloads 2
Free rolled poster mockup
File Size 388 mb
Modern Poster Mockup free
File Size 74 mb
Free Modern Poster Mockup
File Size 105 mb
Living Room Poster Mockup
File Size 105 mb
Downloads 1
Hanging poster mockup
File Size 95 mb
Downloads 1
Person holding black Poster Frame Mockup
File Size 53 mb
Downloads 1
Poster Frame Mockup Set
File Size 87mb

    What are mockups ?

    Mockup (or mock-up) translated into Vietnamese means miniature model, is an image that simulates a designer’s design in the form of a pre-designed vector or PSD file. Mockups are often used for demonstration, teaching, design review, promotion, or other purposes.

    mockup is a prototype that allows testing of the design and provides at least part of the functionality of the system. Mockup templates appear in all designs of diverse products, from office publications such as namecards, folders, brand identities, websites, banners, standees, … to interior and home architecture, … create a lifelike feeling for the viewer.

    Usually, mockup design are built to simulate general ideas on real products, so that designers get feedback from users. This method saves a lot of time and money in design testing. Not only that, the easier visualization helps to find the wrong point in the design, fix it, and change it faster.

    With the growing trend between the age of e-commerce and digital brands, designers always have to equip a unique set of mockup design as their weapon. Currently, the brand identity mockup is being used the most and is the most popular. In addition, mockups have many other advantages and roles listed below.

    The role of mockup design

    Nowadays mockups play an increasingly important role in design. That is for the following reasons:

    Intuitive with stakeholders

    Mockup templates are considered as a bridge to help orient and link between the design unit and its client in professional design, especially for complex products such as furniture, backdrop, drawings. house, etc. In more detail, after a flat design has been approved, designers will create mockup design mockups to demonstrate its presentation ability in a specific context.

    Example: You need a standee for a new product launch event. After looking through the flat design file, you want to know if this standee design will look like in a large crowded hall, stand out and attract attention? Ask the designer on the mockup. In the mockup, there will be a specific context (lights, architectural colors, design space, …) and sample your standee.

    Easy to modify

    Medium to high fidelity, mockup design reflect how design choices such as layout, color distribution, typography, images, navigation icons, and the overall atmosphere of the product work together.

    As such, mockups can help show problems that arise clearly on paper, especially those with color clashing or other smaller types of irregularities. Not only that, it is also easier for you to make modifications on the mockup than in the later stages.

    Increase the attractiveness of the design, easy to make customers satisfied

    Mockups help bring a neat and beautiful overall look, which is something that customers love. Often mockups will outline the most perfect context in which the product is placed, thus achieving both aesthetics and authenticity.

    In addition, if you are a unit specializing in the design, construction and production of products for your customers, mockups will help you draw customers a beautiful design and easier to convince them.

    Save time and money

    Through mockup, businesses can partly evaluate the effectiveness of the designs and have an orientation to edit and change accordingly before printing and construction. This will save businesses a lot of time and money.

    Show the professionalism of the designer

    Mockup also shows your professional working style. Mock-ups are born mainly to collect feedback from users. When your design services are professional, customers will also be more impressed and more likely to return. Depending on your design product, mockups have types such as t-shirts, logos, posters, name cards, signs, etc.

    Classification of Mockup website

    Based on the nature, we can divide mockups into 3 basic types: Publication Mock-ups, Digital Mock-ups and Industrial Mock-ups.

    Publication mockup

    These are mockups that simulate printed products, including mockups of banners, logos, newspaper covers, brand identities, posters, t-shirts, etc.

    Digital Mockup

    As mockups expressed through a computer software, such as website interface, software interface, application, etc. This type of mock-up is very easy to copy, so it requires a tight security process. tight.

    Mockup in industrial production

    The term mockup is used first and most literally through industrial production. This type of mockup is considered as a product demo, a test version for evaluation and testing before mass production according to the process. For example, a new car model, helmet model, computer mouse, etc.

    Tips for using mockups successfully

    Here are some tips from veteran designers to give you a better overview when using mockups.

    Be specific and realistic about your design product in a real environment

    When designing a product, you need to imagine what it will look like in real life. You can ask yourself questions like: What is the material? Who will buy the product? Why would they choose you instead of a competitor? In addition, should also pay attention to buying behavior, preferences, loyalty of customers, … for the product.

    Let your mockup stand out

    In a mock-up context, your design should be the center of attention. Also, while presenting the mockup to the client, don’t let other elements take the spotlight of your model. If you display your mockup on a bright table, your mockup will accidentally sink without anyone noticing.

    Avoid using illustrations found from Google

    Mockups often have to be presented in a certain context to show the practicality of the product, understood as in a simulation environment. However, don’t rush to search for a context on Google or any other search engine because of the laziness or the approaching deadline. That would reduce authenticity because no two environments are the same.

    Use a variety of arrangements, suitable backgrounds for mockups

    Visualize your design in a different color context. For example, a poster placed on a colorful wall or cement wall, etc. This can help to better express the idea you want to convey from the mockup. At the same time, it is possible to create many color versions suitable for different contexts.

    We are pleased to share with you this realistic Folded A4 Paper Card Mockup which you can use freely to showcase your stationery project. All you have to do is place your artwork inside the smart layers, hit save and you are done. Have fun!

    Free A5 trifold flyer mockup prepared in seven high resolution PSD files. Free mug mockup prepared in four high resolution PSD files. Free cosmetic tube mockup prepared in four high resolution PSD files.
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